The best on the market, for you.

All the power of Raspberry Pi in its CM3 format

A great board with great interest


Design and flexibility led to the extreme.

All the power in your hand.

Recalls an era that marked history.


Raspberry Pi CM3

A small industrial application oriented circuit that is sized of a DDR2 SODIMM module and actually connects directly to such slots.


3'5 IPS Display

IPS quality LCD and RGB 888 video input.


HDMI Output

Get the most popular output in the highest resolution, HDMI output you can connect to your TV or HD screens.


2.4 / 5 GHz WiFi

21st century connectivity for your portable console.


Bluetooth 5.0

More speed, better distance and the best performance with the latest version.


Charge 3 Amps by USB-C

Forget about long waits, fast charge to play longer.


HiFi Music by I2S

Listen to all your games in impressive quality.

LemonPi Project

A modern DIY console compatible with Raspberry PI 3B / 3B + / 4

Society demands a opensource and portable console based on the latest Raspberry platforms. It will be a modular console made for the community, and can be improved by replacing its parts or components allowing customization to the user both at the software and hardware level.

Comming soon